Immerse Annual

Join Now. Grow Daily.  

For those committed to going deeper and connecting more deeply with nature and themselves.  

What you'll get:

  • A full year's access to the online programme (all five seasons), including a wealth of video and audio files 
  • A downloadable workbook each season, organised around five themes, with journaling prompts to deepen your reflective learning 
  • Monthly Live Calls
  • The Lodestar, weekly emails to inspire
  • An understanding of how to work with Essential Oils on acupuncture points to support your health and wellbeing
  • A deeper understanding of Five Element Theory
  • Seasonal Practices suggestions for you and your clients
  • Fully guided Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  • Your collection of Essential Oils* worth £20 per Season
  • Membership of our private community

Use the code NOOILS for a 10% discount and work with your own.

*Access to the year long programme will end 2 weeks after the end of the final season.  If you wish to have access to another year you will be given the opportunity to maintain your membership of the community for a small monthly fee. 

£495.00 GBP