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About 6,500 years ago the Chinese divided the sky into four parts in Chinese astrology. They are north, east, west, and south. Each section contains seven stars which look like images of four mythical creatures.


For the 2022 / 2023 Creative Cycle we are hosting a series of five seasonal workshops channelling the power of these mythological creatures associated with each Element to help you harness the energy of the season.


Join us as we work with the power of the White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird and Yellow Dragon.


Booking now open for White Tiger on October 29th, a collaboration with Breathwork With Nina.

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We love to host events with a wellbeing twist. 

Each season has a different energy and our events programme is ever-changing to reflect that; we have hosted feasts, retreats and a pyjama party so far. Join us and immerse yourself in nature, the Elements and the wisdom of Chinese Medicine.  Make sure you are on our Mailing List for early access to tickets and to be the first to know what we are up to!

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