This is our Master-level programme, ideal for healing arts practitioners and anyone wishing to deepen with their own energy practices.  CPD accredited and offering around 10 hours of materials per season, you are invited to look deep within as you engage consciously without.   

Fully supported with Live Calls and weekly emails, Immerse to explore five key themes related to each season and each element through a downloadable workbook + supporting audio files, yoga and mediation practices and using essential oils on acupuncture points for a therapeutic effect.  At this programme level there are tutorials on each of the essential oils we use and the acupuncture points we are working with.  We work with intention, consciousness and curiosity, as well as supporting ourselves through the energetic practices we share.  

No prior knowledge of Chinese Medicine is needed but this is a full year’s commitment to working with one full Creative Cycle. 

We only open our doors for this programme twice a year - Spring and Autumn, the pivot seasons.

The doors open for Spring on March 8th.   

Doors close on April 2nd 2024.

Essential Oils

Fundamental to The Harmony Principle online programme are the Essential Oils you will be working with. Chosen for their energetic significance and benefit, we teach you how to use them directly on acupuncture points, for meditations and with yoga practices. We source only the best, therapeutic quality oils and send them to you pre-diluted to provide the right 'dose'. You can choose to work with your own if you prefer, just add the code NOOILS at checkout and receive a 10% discount.  

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Unlock the power of the seasons and your own creative potential with The Harmony Principle.  

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