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 The Creative Cycle of growth and contraction, easily observed in the rhythm of nature’s seasons, offers a simple but powerful lens through which we can transform any aspect of our lives.  

At The Harmony Principle we work with each season as it unfolds, inviting you to deepen your relationship with nature, embrace personal transformation, harness your innate creative energy and align with your soul purpose.

We offer two levels of programme; Harmonise and Immerse.  Harmonise is open to all levels and created to help you harmonise your life and your energetic rhythm with the season.

Immerse is our master programme for healing arts practitioners or those committed to engaging more deeply.  CPD accredited, this is a year-long programme of 50 hours supported self-study.   

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New for 2023: Eating with the Elements

We are delighted to be partnering with Sophie from Rooted Health this year. 

Her introductory programme will delve into TCM's 5 Elements from a nutritional perspective - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water - and shine a light on the importance of keeping your gut healthy for overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Including practical tips on optimising your eating habits and some nutritious recipes for each season, this programme will be a great guide in beginning your wellness journey. 

Eating With The Elements

Is this programme for me?

Psst – check out our testimonials! If you're still not sure, we think this programme is for you if…

  • You want to maximise your creative potential.
  • You want to engage with nature in a richer and more meaningful way.
  • You are keen to explore how your energy shifts and changes throughout the year and how you can work with its ebb and flow. 
  • You already work with essential oils and are interested in working with them in a deeper way.
  • You are a practitioner or teacher and would like to engage more deeply with the seasons and the elements, as well as find out more about integrating AromaPoint Therapy into your offerings.