Our programmes

Amplify your self-care and join The Harmony Principle. We have created a seasonally-based programme of exclusive online materials to educate, inspire and empower.

Our year-long group Master Programme is ideal for healing arts practitioners and those wishing to go deeper, while our mini-Season Guides offer a way to consciously align with the energy of the season over a day or a weekend.   

Each season is an opportunity to be curious, offering a springboard for learning, reflection and a deeper engagement with nature.

At your own pace, in your own time, we invite you to experience each of the Five Elements and their corresponding seasons as they unfold in the natural world around us. 

We only open our doors to the Master Programme twice a year. Autumn and Spring and it is CPD Accredited. 

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Single Payment


£66 per season


  • One payment for all five seasons
  • This plan offers the best value
  • Essential Oils are included (minimum of 15 per year)
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Quarterly Subscription


£79 per season

  • Quarterly subscription for all five seasons
  • Four payments of £99
  • Essential oils are included (minimum of 15 per year)
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Monthly / Per Mini-Season Guide


£79 per season

  • Spread the cost of the Master Programme over a year
  • Oils included (minimum 15 per year for Master Programme)
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Essential Oils

Fundamental to The Harmony Principle online programme are the Essential Oils you will be working with. Chosen for their energetic significance and benefit, we teach you how to use them directly on acupuncture points, for meditations and with yoga practices.  We source only the best, therapeutic quality oils and send them to you pre-diluted to provide the right 'dose'.  You can choose to work with your own if you prefer, just add the code NOOILS at checkout and receive a 10% discount.  

Is this programme for me?

Psst – check out our testimonials! If you're still not sure, we think this programme is for you if…

  • You want to maximise your creative potential.
  • You want to engage with nature in a richer and more meaningful way.
  • You are keen to explore how your energy shifts and changes throughout the year and how you can work with its ebb and flow. 
  • You already work with essential oils and are interested in working with them in a deeper way.
  • You are a practitioner or teacher and would like to engage more deeply with the seasons and the elements, as well as find out more about integrating AromaPoint Therapy into your offerings.