Welcome to Immerse, our master healer programme, created to guide you through a full turn of The Creative Cycle.

Immerse will enrich your understanding of the interplay of yin & yang, the elements that make up everything in the universe - water, wood, fire, earth, metal - and what it means to be a fully expressed human being.  

You are invited to look deep within and engage consciously without. 

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

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Each season we explore five key psycho-spiritual aspects of one of the Five Elements, the health and balance of which informs who we are and how we show up in the world.  Through seasonal practices, journalling and curious exploration we learn where we may be getting stuck in our own energetic cycles, and how to identify that for our clients. 

We teach you how to safely work with important acupuncture points and essential oils as energetic allies, giving you the confidence to incorporate these into your own work.

Treat the Spirit

Acupuncture points have a ‘spirit’, a capacity beyond the physical that is part of the story of the human journey. 

Essential Oils & AromaPoint Therapy

We work with 3-4 key oils (provided) per season that have a particular resonance with the element, the season, the spirit of the point.

The Power of Transformation

Learn a framework for the annual energetic cycle that can be applied to your own teachings, workshops, retreats and more.

Take a Year Out(side).

The Creative Cycle is a blueprint for transformation that can be applied to any area of your life.

Integral to this year-long exploration is the cultivation of a deep and abiding relationship with the natural world.

You will learn how to effortlessly and intuitively harness the energy of each season for your own creative life potential - and that of your clients.   


Who is Immerse For?

If you are a healing arts practitioner, a wellness entrepreneur, a heart-based coach, if your work is informed by menstrual seasons or lunar cycles, or you teach any kind of embodiment practices and you are ready to learn how to trust your deepest self and the natural world as your next teacher, then Immerse is for you.  

Tell me more.

Offered through ten hours of self-paced materials each season, Immerse is CPD accredited.  Supported with monthly Live Calls with guest teachers and weekly emails to help you stay connected. 

No prior knowledge of Chinese Medicine is needed (a Fundamentals module is available for those new to the concepts) but this is a full year’s commitment to working with one full Creative Cycle.  We only open our doors for this programme twice a year - Spring and Autumn, the pivot seasons.  

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