Live in harmony with the energy of the seasons.

By understanding nature’s Creative Cycle we can create a framework for our own. At The Harmony Principle, we invite you to engage more consciously with the rhythm and energy of the seasons in order to cultivate your own creative potential and supercharge your health and well-being. Rooted in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we work with five seasons and the five elements.
Autumn. Winter. Spring. Summer. Late Summer.
Metal. Water. Wood. Fire. Earth. 


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Work with us.  If you are an healing arts practitioner then our master programme IMMERSE will take your practice to a new depth.    


We also offer an intuitive eating with the seasons programme, special events, workshops and more.


No season is the same but all of them are vital.

This is what you're here for. The Harmony Principle: to cultivate self-knowledge, resilience, ​balance and harmony with nature.

Understanding your Power Season is the first step in transforming the way you work with nature's Creative Cycle.  Take our quiz and find out if you are a Connector, Nurturer, Visionary, Treasure Seeker or Powerhouse.

Late Summer begins mid - to late August and ends early October.

We're currently in Late Summer

Late Summer is the fifth season, when the blazing sun of summer gives way to something softer and more golden. 

This is the time when we harvest our crops, take stock of all that we have and replenish our store cupboards. 

A time to focus on the abundance in our lives to help us transition into the darker months with greater ease. 



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