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A Seasonal Subscription to Health and Wellbeing. 

According to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine each of the five seasons has its own energy, movement and direction of Qi. 

We believe that by understanding and mirroring this seasonal cycle we can enjoy greater balance, harmony and health in our daily lives. 

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Subscribe to The Harmony Principle and as the season turns receive access to exclusive online materials to inspire and empower; exclusively created yoga classes, meditations, community support, events, seasonally specific practices and content. 
Learn about the Five Elements and their corresponding seasons as they unfold, how they work within us and what they can teach us about balance, health and harmony.   
Fundamental to The Harmony Principle are the Essential Oils you will be working with.  Enjoy a carefully curated collection as part of your subscription, delivered to your door five times a year.  Chosen for their energetic significance and benefit, learn which acupuncture points to use them on as you work with the element of the season. 

Rooted in the teachings of Five Element Acupuncture, complemented with Essential Oils and Yoga.

Cultivate Self-Knowledge, Resilience, ​Balance & Harmony

The Harmony Principle uses Five Element philosophy, Yin & Yang Yoga practices, guided meditations, journaling, breathwork, Essential Oils, acupoint therapy, self care & community support

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How it Works.

Each season (five times a year) we release your course materials to help deepen your understanding of what is happening energetically through the ancient lens of Five Element theory. 

Prior to each season you will receive (by post) the Essential Oils we'll be working with for the coming weeks, as well as the password needed to access the season. You are then invited to work through each season’s materials at your own pace.

All course content is delivered online, and is an engaging and easy to use mix of video, audio and other downloadable materials.  A full list of what we provide is listed below. 

An active community forum offers a supportive environment in which to share, grow and thrive throughout the year, with special Q&As, and additional guided practices. 

What We Provide

- Video / Audio Lessons on Five Element philosophy

- Your own collection of Essential Oils to work with each season

- Yoga practices to support the seasonal energy

- Guided meditations 

- Acupoint protocols to support the element of the season

- Simple journalling exercises with a downloadable workbook for each season

- Support in the Members-Only online forum

- Additional seasonally-relevant content

- Live Q&A with Claire and Amelia

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Follow The Energetic Cycle Of the Seasons

By working with The Harmony Principle you can:

  • Connect more deeply to nature and experience each Season as an opportunity.
  • Understand how to maximise the potential of your own creative / control cycle.
  • You’ll gain techniques, practices and tools to bring you into a state of understanding, gratitude, joy and flow.
  • Amplify your self-care.

Essential Oils are the essence of the plant, distilled, to bring the power of nature into your life.

Every Essential Oil varies in its natural chemical makeup, hence aromas and benefits are also unique.

If these natural chemicals are properly extracted, they can be used to help you physically, mentally, and emotionally in your daily life. We are aligning with DōTERRA branded Essential Oils due to their integrity, purity and potency though we may use other brands if needed.

In The Harmony Principle you’ll be guided to use Oils aromatically, topically and on acupoints. The intention is to align your energy to its own intelligent, natural flow, as well as the rhythmic intelligence of the Seasons.

The Harmony Principle is subscription based, with options to pay annually or quarterly. If you already work with DoTerra we can offer a discounted rate without the oils. Please contact us for details.

Registration Now Closed for Summer & Late Summer

We have just closed the doors for Summer and Late Summer 2021 but you can join our Waiting List to join us from the Autumn. If you are on our Wait List you will also receive invitations for the seasonal events, workshops and retreats we are now running.

About Us

Claire Dabreo (The London Acupuncturist) and Amelia Adrian (The Aromayogini) co-created The Harmony Principle as a way of bringing together their expertise in the areas of acupuncture, yoga and their passion for the healing benefits of Essential Oils.  


Amelia has a practice of Yoga and Meditation that spans over 20 years, with teachings rooted in the wisdom traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, Hatha, Katonah & Yin Yoga.

She as been working with Essential Oils for over 5 years integrating them at home to care for herself and her family, students and clients in a completely natural way.

Amelia has found the practices of Yoga and Essential Oils provide a deeply healing space within bodies and our homes to give us the opportunity to find balance, space and a natural rhythm to our lives.


Claire has been practising as a Five Element Acupuncturist for over 10 years, finding the wisdom and power of this system of medicine to be truly transformative and ever inspirational. Her experience of this is both personal and professional.   

She grew up in the North East of Scotland where the ancient forests, sacred stones and dramatic seasons gave her an abiding love of the immense beauty, power and wisdom of nature.  

Before retraining she spent almost 20 years working in PR experiencing the highs, lows and stresses of office-based life, and the juggle and pressure of 'having it all'. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are five seasons:  Winter, Spring, Summer, Late Summer and Autumn.  Each one is distinct and forms an essential part of the harmonious cycle of the seasons.  

The 5 Modules will be released each Seasonal Equinox or Solstice for you to work through at your own pace.

Autumn: 22nd September 2020
Winter 21st December 2020
Spring March 19th 2021
Summer June 20th 2021
Late Summer TBD

Five live sessions to be held with Amelia & Claire TBD

One hour per week is a good place to start with as much time as you like to expand the practices that are working for you.

Your curated collection of Essential Oils will be posted out to you the week before each Season is launched. If you already work with DoTerra we can offer a discounted rate without the oils. Please contact us for details.

All the recorded lessons, videos and worksheets will be available for you to access at your own convenience.

The investment for The Harmony Principle is £300 for the full year, or four payments of £90. If you choose the Payment Plan you’ll be billed quarterly.

There will also be an option to try the first Season for £90, and then have the option of continuing the rest of the year with one additional payment of £270.


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Be the first to know about our latest events, workshops and retreats.

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