Live in harmony with the energy of the seasons.

By understanding nature’s Creative Cycle we can create a framework for our own. At The Harmony Principle, we invite you to engage more consciously with the rhythm and energy of the seasons in order to help you cultivate your own creative potential. Rooted in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we work with five seasons and the five elements.
Autumn. Winter. Spring. Summer. Late Summer.
Metal. Water. Wood. Fire. Earth. 


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Each season we host uniquely created and curated events, retreats and workshops to help you understand and experience the energy of the season in inspiring and interesting ways.

No season is the same but all of them are vital

This is what you're here for. The Harmony Principle: to cultivate self-knowledge, resilience, ​balance and harmony with nature. We also offer a CPD-accredited online programme that you can work with for a season, or for a year.  Find out more about this on our programme page.

Spring begins with the Equinox and ends around the Summer Solstice. 

We're currently in Spring

Spring is 'young yang', a time of birth, growth, rebirth and regeneration.  Nature reassures us of our future as we see the green shoots all around us.

The longer days invite us to do more, to be more active after the deep rest of Winter.  This is the time of plans and projects.  


This phase of the Creative Cycle is for making plans; supporting clarity of vision, optimism and dynamic movement. 



This Season's Events

   We held our Spring retreat - Root & Rise - on the 26th March, offering a deep immersion in the energy of Spring.  Join our mailing list to be the first to know about future events.

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