Live in harmony with the energy of the seasons.

By understanding nature’s Creative Cycle we can create a framework for our own. At The Harmony Principle, we invite you to engage more consciously with the rhythm and energy of the seasons in order to help you cultivate your own creative potential. Rooted in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we work with five seasons and the five elements.
Autumn. Winter. Spring. Summer. Late Summer.
Metal. Water. Wood. Fire. Earth. 

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Each season we host uniquely created and curated events, retreats and workshops to help you understand and experience the energy of the season in inspiring and interesting ways.

No season is the same but all of them are vital

This is what you're here for. The Harmony Principle: to cultivate self-knowledge, resilience, ​balance and harmony with nature. We also have an online programme that you can work with for a season, or for a year. Find out more about this on our programme page.

Autumn begins when half the leaves have turned from green to red and gold, and runs to around the Winter Solstice. 

We're currently in Autumn

Autumn is both the end and the beginning of nature’s Creative Cycle, and the starting point for The Harmony Principle’s year-long programme; the work we do during this season crucially shapes the Seasons to follow.

In nature, we see a contraction of energy.  The trees give us a burst of glorious colour before they drop their leaves for the Winter.  The air gets drier, the light changes and we feel the drawing in, and drawing down, all around us.


It is a beautiful season, the rich colours of Autumn offering us a precious gift to remind us of the beauty and value all around us.



This Season's Events

  Join us for a one-day seasonal retreat on the 5th of November and immerse yourself in the energy of the Metal Element.     We have now closed our doors for Autumn, we hope you can join us for the Winter Season.

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