“Capturing the nature and wisdom of the five elements, this course offered a wealth of seasonal info and insight alongside exercises and conversations.  It literally made my year.” 


“I am a creative type and spend my time making things and giving concerts so the idea of computers and non interactive learning fills me with dis ease. I have found that this is not the problem I had imagined it would be as the work book and additional material allow for a lot of personal experience at my own pace ! Well done guys."



“This call made me feel excited about winter. Which is crazy because I always have disliked this season. But the idea of using it to retreat and rest and plant the seeds for spring and summer is beautiful.”


“Insights as to how we work with nature and the seasons are not only helpful but bring about a certain peace and acceptance when you realise you don’t necessarily need to fight what you’re naturally going through. Having the support of the course and the zoom sessions is such a great tool to equip your journey with. The knowledge that both of you have is incredible but you communicate in such an accessible way.”

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