Life is not meant to be lived at one speed. 

Nature moves through a seasonal energetic ebb and flow that, if we follow, helps us thrive.  

This is one of the founding principles of Chinese Medicine.

I'm in!

Season by season, Harmonise offers an easy opportunity to learn more about the energetic signature of winter, spring, summer, late summer and autumn, and how each of them informs your own health & wellbeing.  Inspired by the teachings of Chinese Medicine, Harmonise invites you to raise your consciousness and root yourself in nature. 

The Five Elements

Harmonise is the ideal introduction to the five elements, as we guide you in experiencing them in a real and embodied way. 

AromaPoint Therapy

Learn how to work with essential oils on acupuncture points for self-care.  Each season we pick one key oil to be your seasonal ally.

The Power of Transformation

The Creative Cycle teaches us about transformation; how to harness it for our own lives and how to be comfortable with change. 

Is Harmonise for you?

Understand how to avoid overwhelm and burnout.

Begin to understand your own energetic blueprint more deeply.

Live more consciously.

Connect more deeply to the natural world.

Amplify your self-care. 

Join the dots between your mind, body and spirit.

Explore your relationship with your emotions and how they impact your health.


Tell me more.

When you buy Harmonise you get immediate access to the seasons materials, which includes:

  • short videos from Founder and Five Element acupuncturist Claire Dabreo to guide you in the seasonal energy
  • a downloadable workbook packed with information, insights, journaling prompts and ideas for seasonal practices
  • you will also receive one essential oil to work with for the season (UK only)

This is an easeful way to deepen your connection to yourself and the world around you.

Join Now. (Grow Daily).